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Birchbox has become a staple in both the beauty industry and mailed product service by providing their customers with a monthly makeup subscription. The company has over a million subscribers and more than 800 brand partners. Traditionally an online retailer now opening physical stores locations, Birchbox chose Erply for its ability to provide the same level of customer experience both in-store and online. Utilizing Erplys powerful API Birchbox is capable to integrate every aspect of the shopping experience from loyalty points to returns, to totally custom add-ons.


Founded in July 2009 in Huntersville, NC, this retail franchise sells e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and vaping accessories across the United States, Ireland, and Germany. Starting as a home office, the vape company’s popular made-to-order products helped it quickly grow into a 78-location franchise. Utilizing Erplys Franchise configuration Madvapes is able to set up new locations, registers, and franchisees with ease. Erply provides head-office with the powerful tools and analytics to make data-driven decisions, in turn improving its franchisee network’s bottom line.


Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, Porsche is recognized as a leading sports car brand and has been producing high-quality vehicles for over 70 years. Specializing in luxury vehicles and sports cars, they are one of the world’s most prestigious automobile brands. Porsche chose Erply for its ability to run lightweight and mobile in its Experience Centers. Utilizing Erply's tax automation integration for address verification on shipping transactions provides Porsche the reassurance they are charging the proper tax rates on all drop-shipped sales.

The Athlete's Foot

Present in 26 countries with over 400 stores, The Athlete’s Foot sells footwear, apparel, and accessories, and has partnerships with popular footwear brands such as Nike and Adidas. They were acquired by the world’s largest sporting goods retail group, IIC, in 2012. Erply provides The Athlete's Foot a 300 location strong, fully integrated Franchise Management System. Each franchise has the ability to keep their own records while being integrated against a centralized, head-office level customer database, loyalty system, promotions engine. This provides franchisees the independence they desire while providing head office with valuable data and reporting options to drive smarter business decisions. The Athlete's Foot has been a happy Erply client 5+ years, now building their own integrations using Erplys powerful APIs, including endless aisle and Magento e-commerce.

Why choose Erply

Dedicated to helping you
  • Phone support seven days a week 
  • Dedicated onboarding agents
  • 1-on-1 demos and training tutorials
  • Support ticket SLA and escalation process 
Functionality like no other
  • Real-time updates and offline capabilities
  • Detailed purchase order and invoice tracking
  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Built-in loyalty programs and promotions
Scale up
  • E-commerce apps that grow with your business
  • Trusted by start-ups and Fortune 500 companies
  • Robust servers manage billions of transactions annually
  • Supports over 15 languages
Security in the cloud
  • Cloud-based and easy to access from anywhere
  • Encrypted data with 24/7 backup
  • Compliant with SAS 70 and SSAE 16 requirements
  • Consistent and automatic security updates
Retail that’s flexible
  • Retail, wholesale, and franchise management
  • Interactive, customizable reports.
  • Hardware agnostic
  • Grouping by the user, customer, and product
  • Integrate with e-commerce platforms like Shopify
  • Customizable plugins suitable for all business needs
  • Easy-to-integrate API kits
  • Import data easily from existing POS software

Self Checkout

No more wasting resources behind the cashier lane! With Erply Self-Checkout, employees can now invest all their energy into assisting customers & driving sales. Just download, install and go! You can use your own devices or get an Erply-approved equipment package.

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Customer Display app

With the flexibility of the Customer Display app, improve your relationships with your customers and simplify the checkout process. Display dynamic transaction information at the register and even advertise promotions and branded imagery between each sale.

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Small start-up? Global Enterprise? We have your solution no matter how large or small your operation. See how retailers around the world are using Erply to manage and grow their retail businesses with these recent case studies.

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Customer Registry app

Customer contact details all over the place? Be more organized with the Customer Registry app, a cloud-based solution that stores all of your contact data in one secure, easily-accessible database.

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Clock-In app

Be fully in the know with total access to each of your employees' hours with the Clock-In app. Signing in and out of work is a breeze and total hours worked are available to view at a glance.

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Customers about us

”Being web based, it has also been a huge advantage being able to access the POS System via our phones and tablets while on the road and make changes as needed and to keep up with our daily volume.”

- The Party Corner

”I am a small business owner, and love how the point of sale program has brought cost saving productivity to our operation.”

- Bloom’n Things

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