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With Erply’s comprehensive retail platform, you have a complete set of tools designed to streamline your workflow so you can focus on running your business.

By choosing Erply, you gain access to customizable tools so you can run your business on your terms.

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Patton Avenue Pet Company - They chose Erply because our software is simple, but scalable. Using Erply helped them quickly grew to 3 locations!

Gift card support

Make it easy for your customers to take care of birthday and holiday shopping.

In-depth Inventory Management

Keep an eye on your top sellers so you can make sure they're always in stock.

Built-in promotions

Erply’s promotions engine helps you build the perfect deals: create different kinds of discounts, target specific customers, choose time frames, regions or individual stores.

Invoice and product label templates

Create compelling product labels and shelf tags with Erply. Build your brand and put your logo on receipts, invoices, and purchase orders.

Loyalty and rewards programs

With Erply, you can make sure your customers know you appreciate their business. Give them reward points for every purchase, and create exciting ways for them come back and cash in.

Flexible hardware options

Small businesses rely on Erply because we provide a powerful, customizable business solution. Erply’s low hardware requirements gives you more options to run your business just the way you want it. From wired terminals to mobile platforms, Erply can support your business at a hardware cost that works for you.

Erply is designed for scalability and grows with your business. It’s easy to continue using our POS solution even as you add more products, store locations, or points of sale to your business.

Onboarding & training packages

Switching over to a new POS Software can be a time-consuming commitment. Signing up with Erply includes an onboarding and training package to make sure you hit the ground running. The onboarding process includes hardware setup and testing.

If you’re making the switch from another POS solution to Erply, we’ll help you import your existing customer data onto our platform. Once your business is set up with Erply, a professional will walk your team through our features and answer any questions on how your business interacts with the software.

Full phone support

"I can't say how wonderful it is to be able to call in, not have to wait forever to get to talk to someone, and receive help from people who know what they are doing." -- Amy Kay Pavlovich, Connected Fair Trade

Technical issues don’t run on your schedule; they can happen at any time. Signing up with Erply means you get full phone support. Our support team can be reached from 8 am - 11 pm ET at (855) 463-7759 ext. 2.

Sometimes your day is too hectic for a phone call. Erply support can be reached via email during our standard office hours at

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